Citizen scientists will join conservationists, local community members and land owners to survey a designated area across northern Kenya. Teams of citizen scientists are assigned an area to census and GPS enabled camera to capture the right flank of every individual Grevy's zebra observed during the two days of the rally.

Registration Fee

The registration fee is Ksh 2,000 per vehicle team.

Event Schedule

Friday 24th January: On your mark!

The day before the rally begins all teams will travel to their survey location. Each team’s survey block and accommodation will have been previously confirmed. Each team will drive through Nanyuki where The Great Grevy’s Rally organizers will welcome participants at the Nanyuki Sports Club to deploy the equipment and information packets and provide practical training on data collection.

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th January: Go count Grevy’s zebra!

On Saturday morning all participants will start early in the morning to survey their designated areas and record data on all the Grevy’s zebra observed throughout the day. On Saturday evening, enjoy a sundowner with a view of the beautiful landscape and prepare for day two of the survey. On Sunday, all teams will survey their areas to collect the Grevy’s zebra data for the second consecutive day to provide crucial data to estimate the total population.

Monday 27th January: Return and share!

The Great Grevy’s Rally organisers will welcome all the participants in Nanyuki to collect the data and equipment. Your data will be given directly to the scientists to start the analysis. Make sure to share with your friends and families about your weekend as a citizen scientist to save the endangered Grevy’s zebra! We hope that you will be inspired to return again and participate in future rallies for the conservation of this iconic species.

What you need to join

  • 4WD vehicle with clearance - We recommend a vehicle with the height of a Land Cruiser or Land Rover. You will be required to drive off-road to get the best sightings of the Grevy's zebra.

  • Organise your team - Each vehicle is one team and the total number of team members can range from 1 to 4 people, as long as you have space for 1 ranger to sit comfortably in your vehicle.

  • Choose your destination - Citizen scientist spots are limited and must be reserved in advance. Both camping and lodge accommodation is available. Options coming soon.

  • Emergency evacuation - Each member of your team must provide proof of medical evacuation or AMREF air evacuation coverage at registration. You can purchase before the rally or you can sign up at registration in Nanyuki.

Registration details for the 2020 rally coming soon!


Rangers - Each registered vehicle will be accompanied by a ranger either provided by KWS or the respective conservancies. Our rangers are familiar with the landscape and will guide your team as you drive through the selected land unit. The ranger will be equipped with a hand held radio which he/she will use to communicate with the land managers, security and other parties. Kindly note that each team is required to reserve a seat in the vehicle for a ranger.

Local police will be present during registration and debriefing day. They will also be on standby in their respective counties as the event takes place.

AMREF will have an emergency ambulance on standby. All members of your team will be required to show proof of AMREF cover when you pick up your equipment at the Nanyuki Sports Club. You can purchase coverage online before the event.