Each registered vehicle will be accompanied by a ranger either provided by KWS or the respective conservancies. Our rangers are familiar with the landscape and will guide your team as you drive through the selected land unit. The ranger will be equipped with a hand held radio which he/she will use to communicate with the land managers, security and other parties.

Kindly note that each team is required to reserve a seat in the vehicle for a ranger.


Local police will be present during registration and debriefing day. They will also be on standby in their respective counties as the event takes place. 


AMREF will have an emergency ambulance on standby.


All members of your team will be required to show proof of AMREF cover on the 26th of January when you pick up your equipment at the Nanyuki Sports Club. You can purchase coverage online or purchase from an AMREF representative at Nanyuki Sports Club on 26th of January.