The Great Grevy’s Rally was successfully completed on the 30th and 31st of January 2016. With the support of citizen scientists, conservationists, national and county governments, KWS, scientists, partners and NGO’s, 118 teams, comprising of approximately 500 people drove over 25,000 square kilometers in four counties to census the Grevy’s Zebra – one of the most endangered mammals on the planet! Using GPS enabled cameras distributed to each team for the census, over 40,000 images were taken in an effort to capture the unique stripes of each Grevy’s zebra observed. Out of these, approximately 18,00 images captured the right flank of individual Grevy’s zebra. This data, collected by all the particpants, has been analysed by the IBEIS/WILDBOOK team at Princeton Univeristy. The huge amount of pictures submitted to the Princeton team was much higher than originally anticipated! This meant that new software had to be developed and trailed to ensure the analysis process ran smoothly. But now, the results are in! They results were released on the 3rd of September at the Great Grevy's Ball at the Mount Kenya Safari Club in Nanyuki. Through the Great Grevy's Ball, we celebrate one of the largest citizen science efforts in Kenya. We also celebrate a spectacular icon and national heritage of Kenya- the Grevy's zebra. You can download the full report here.